Why Hotels Need to Have a Mobile App in 2020 – What to Know

The ability to access anything regardless of where you are–at the grocery store, the doctor’s, or during your commute—has quickly become a necessity. Being able to check your bank account or your flight status from your smartphone offers an instant peace of mind, after all. And in today’s fast-paced world, the quicker you’re able to access something, the better.

And now, mobile apps are rapidly transforming the hospitality industry. It’s not just about your hotel website anymore: it’s just as important to fluidly translate the experience onto smartphones and tablets. In fact, several hotel booking sites have developed their own apps to make access even easier!

The overall mobile experience is a crucial factor in making sure your customers come back as it demonstrates the hotel’s focus on the guest experience beyond bookings. Here’s why having a mobile app for your hotel is necessary:

It Offers a Seamless Booking Process

The easier it is for a customer to navigate an app and book their stay, the more likely they’ll return. Hotels usually integrate their booking systems in their app to offer a smoother user experience. Because reservations can be done via the app, guests can take advantage of push notifications and even schedule it on their calendars so they don’t forget your reservation dates and other important information. Some hotels take it further and provide the option to check-in early, request for room service, and access special offers.

It Guarantees a Stress-Free Stay

Beyond booking your stay, many hotels also provide curated guides of various activities, places to visit, restaurant recommendations, and insider transportation options that are specially designed for your guests.

If guests have any questions about hotel services—like dining options or spa offerings—hotels can grant them quicker access by including these in their apps. The ability to book a reservation at the hotel’s restaurant or quickly contact someone for more information in just a few taps not only saves the guest’s time but also automates the process for the hotel.

It Fosters Customer Loyalty

A reward program is a fantastic way to keep your customers coming back as they rack up more points with each stay. Incorporating this into the app allows them to login to their account to keep track of their points and the rewards they can claim, which will definitely grow your guest loyalty. Many leading hotel chains have integrated this feature into their app to great success.

Hotels can also announce exclusive deals through the app. Sending out push notifications of special offers, and then allowing users to easily book their next stay using the discount code will definitely encourage them to come back.


Mobile apps provide hotel brands with a faster and more accessible way to reach their customers, along with increasing brand loyalty and revenues. Ensuring easy navigation and all-in-one access is crucial for a hotel’s mobile app development.

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